SOLDAMATIC Augmented Reality Welding Simulator

The new SOLDAMATIC Welding Trainer Simulator is the most advanced and competitive educational technology for welding training existing in the world. We are very proud and we want you to become a part of it. SOLDAMATIC is the result of a R&D+iproject designed by Seabery Soluciones and developed by our technical team in cooperation with several prestigious partners. The main objective of this ambitious project was to produce an educational solution which incorporates a cutting-edge technology but at a very competitive price, able to improve and become a step forward in the traditional welding training method. And I really think we did it. Simulation environments are great for technical training because of its safety and costs saving, but the simulation experience needs to be as real as possible to be effective for both teachers and students, and the Augmented Reality brings a world of possibilities in this field. Never before the Augmented Reality was used to create simulation environments for training purposes, letting the student interact in real time with real 3D objects overlapped by computer-generated images increasing his perception of the environment. But we did it.

And now we can offer you the most economic, efficient, safe, flexible and sustainable educational solution for welding training worldwide, which with you can really feel the future of the technical training by turning traditional models into new ways of education with the help of technological innovation. It is said that technology must be at the service of the citizens, and we strongly believe that. We are creating a SOLDAMATIC community in the Internet in which different users worldwide are sharing their experiences and taking the best profit of this new technology to accomplish their training objectives. Finally we can help you to train more qualified welders, with less workshop time, safely, sustainably (without harmful gases emission) and reducing your training costs. I invite you to keep
up-to-date by following us in our web channels. Start using Soldamatic, start changing your mind, start thinking in future. For further information and quotes, please contact us.

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ARGO - Automotive e learning

Electude is a company built on a belief that vocational education should be approached differently. For over 20 years, this belief has driven us to provide students with the most effective, engaging and enjoyable methods of learning. Our people are true believers who have dedicated themselves to using technology to create the most effective and enjoyable methods of learning. We pride ourselves on equipping teachers and trainers with techniques, tools and training to give their students the best educational experience possible. Our specialty is simulation-based, e-learning modules. Our students, who have grown up in the age of computers and video games, are instantly drawn to Argo’s unique 3D gaming concept inspired by the gaming industry. And yes, Electude is now the world's leading automotive e-learning company.
Our product Argo is the most comprehensive and sophisticated automotive
e-learning platform and database currently available in its field.

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PROGRESSIVE Inc., - Renewable Energy Training

Progressive Educational Systems started in 1992 as a supplier of small educational instructional resources. In the mid 2000's it became apparent that renewable energy was going to be a significant contributor to education around the world. Solutions available at that time were very small and theory based. Progressive recognized that a more real world training solution would provide students with a greater understanding and appreciation for these new and important technologies. In 2007 Progressive designed, engineered and developed curriculum for the first real world component, wind and solar energy training system with online data acquisition. Since that time Progressive has become a significant contributor to renewable energy training in North America. In 2009 Progressive added our own brand of CNC routers and plasma cutters called RouterWorksas well as 3D printers to our portfolio. Today Progressive is recognized as a solutions company for technology education in North America.

Commitment: Progressive's commitment is to provide our customers with top quality training products and to support these with quality services that guarantee the effectiveness of your training program."

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